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Finding Orange County Court Records

Finding Orange County court records sounds easier than it actually is.  It’s not that there is anything difficult about finding the listing for Orange County court records on any of the search engines on the internet.  The issue is that there are quite a few Orange Counties in the United States.  Two of the most famous or infamous Orange Counties are Orange County, California and Orange County, Florida.  Just those alone have several pages of listings on the major search engines.

So, the first thing that is necessary in order for you to find what you are looking for, is to look for the correct Orange County.  Let’s say that you are looking for court records in Orange County, California.  You would enter Orange County, California and then begin your search.  Once you et on the correct website, you would begin looking for the records you need.

You can look under all the headings and get any information that you need.  There is also contact information that is usually relatively extensive.  There are usually phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and lists of all the offices in all counties, as well as the main contact numbers for the state. 

Most county information won’t be as confusing to find because most counties don’t have such a common name.  However, when you find a county such as Orange County, just be sure to enter the correct and exact information you can so that you start in the right place and end up with the right information.

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Finding Juvenile Court Records

In most states juvenile court records are confidential, and the public and media are denied access to them. However, in many states there are exceptions for records of cases that involve violent offenses or acts that would be felonies if they had been committed by an adult. Some of the states that embrace this policy are Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Washington.

In some states, such as Tennessee, if the juvenile is at least 14 years old and charged with a violent offense or crime, petitions are open to the public.  In Kansas, the situation is similar.  Court files are public if the juvenile was at least 14 years old at the time of the offense.  In Utah, if a minor 14 years of age or older is charged with an offense that would be a felony if it was committed by an adult, the court makes the records available to any person who requests them, including adjudication or disposition orders, and the delinquency history summary of the minor charged unless the records are closed by the court upon findings on the record for good cause.

Some statutes may permit certain people, such as the juvenile who is the subject of the proceeding, the juvenile’s attorney, the parent or guardian and people with a legitimate interest in the workings of the court or a particular case, to gain access to juvenile records. However, access is not automatic or unlimited, and under many statutes a court order first must be obtained.

There are also issues involving exposing the identity of the juvenile.  Usually, if the identity or a picture of the juvenile has been released to the public, there should be no problem if their identity is made public.  However, if the identity has not been released, it is important that you check with the court and determine whether it is acceptable to disclose the juvenile’s identity because you could end up in contempt of court.

There are other rules and guidelines that are involved in getting the records of a juvenile.  It is important that you check with he court in whatever state and county he juvenile’s records are in to make sure that you understand their rules and are able to proceed appropriately.

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Finding Tippecanoe County Court Records

Tippecanoe County Court Records are easy to find.  The website that they are on is overseen by the Tippecanoe, Indiana County Clerk’s Office.

The website is well organized and has an extensive variety of information.  In fact, one of the good things that the site offers is a well-placed section to click on for Contact Information.  Some websites leave you searching to try and find phone numbers, mailing addresses and more, but the Tippecanoe County website has put them front and center so that you do not have to waste time searching just to find a phone number.

The site has easy to find information regarding all the county departments, their names and with one click of your mouse, you will be taken to the department you click on and given information including addresses, hours, phone numbers and more.  Whether you are looking for information on a ticket or violation or looking for information on a marriage license, you will find the heading on the main page and you can click to get right to it.

You can reach the Tippecanoe County Clerk’s Office

By mail or Tippecanoe County Courthouse
in person: Second Floor
  301 Main Street
  Lafayette, Indiana 47901

By Email:  Click where it says Email Address and you will b taken to an Email letterhead that is already
  addressed.  All you need to do is write the email, sign and give your contact information.

By Phone: The main phone number is: 765-423-9326     Fax: 765-423-9194

Hours are 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through friday, with offices staying open until 6:30 on Tuesday.  There is a long list of email addresses and regular street addresses and phone numbers for specific and specialized departments.

Whatever you are looking for in the Tippecanoe County Courts system, you should be able to easily find on their well designed web site.

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Iowa Court Records

If you are looking for court records involving the state of Iowa you will find them administered by the Iowa Judicial Branch.  The website for court records through the Judica Branch is and is easy to navigate.  In addition, there is so much nformation on this site that if you can’t find the information you need, it probably doesn’t exist.

There are many types of court records in every state, and Iowa has made it easy to find the information you are looking for.  When you look at the left side of the web page, there is a list of information that you can click on  Everything from court rules and forms to District Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court information is available on the list that you can clck on. 

There is a place to click to see court rules, jury information and online services. There are also court calendars and lists of fees.  There are many things that you can do online so that you don’t have to wait for the mail nor do you have to take a trip to the court. 

You can contact the court by email by clicking on the contact tab and it will bring you to an email form that you can write into and then simply click to send your question or comment directy to the court.  Also, when you click on “Contact Us” which is at th very bottom of the web page, it brings you to the Email form.  On the same page, right above the email form is a list of subjects you can click on so that you can find specific information.  One of the sections says “Directories Section” and will take you to the address, phone number, hours and other information regarding the courts.

The State of Iowa Judicial Branch has put a lot of effort into their web site and the site will help you find anything you need.

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Riverside County Court Records

Finding Riverside County court records is easy.  Simply go to  and you will find a tremendous amount of information.  The site is well organized and has sections that help you find court rules, court locations, phone numbers and hours.

There is extensive information about fees, forms, public notices and more.  The website allows you to find many things online so that you do not have to make a trip to the courthouse to get information or wait for the mail to bring your information to you.  

When you are looking for information it is helpful to be as specific as possible and be sure that you have as much information to input as possible.  If you have exact dates and correct spelling of names, it will help you to locate information faster. 

If you need to find court records in Riverside County, California, simply go to their official website and start clicking.  There are other websites that claim to have the information you need and try to look official.  Many of these sites actually have a lot of information, however, they usually charge a fee in addition to the actual court costs.  These sites often have hidden fees, as well, so it is important to research the site you use quite carefully and try to use the official website to try to find the information you need before you move on to any of the unofficial sites.

If you are looking for Riverside County court records you should be able to find the information you need quite easily on their official court website at

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Minnesota Trial Court Records

Minnesota Trial Court Records are under the jurisdiction and supervision of the Minnesota Judicial Branch.  To access these records you can look them up on their official website at

The website is well organized and has information regarding most courts and records.  The site is updated daily, and the way the site is organized you can easily click on the information you need. 

There is a lot of information online and the site provides directions as to how to access the information you need.  One thing that is important to be aware of when looking for court records is that there are many sites that try to look like an official state site, but they are not.  Usually you will find that they are sites that will try to take you to any state in the United States and they will also want some fees which could be any amount from one extreme to the other.

Always try to use the official site for whatever state you are trying to research records for.  This site uses official website addresses so that you can get information directly from the courts in the state involved.

Finding trial court records is not too difficult if you know what you are looking for.  You will need names of people involved, possible trial dates and a few other pieces of information, depending on your needs.  Whatever you cannot get online, the website provides an excellent “Contact Us” page.  You can click on the page and it will bring you phone numbers, addresses and other contact information including all aspects of the court from the Supreme Court contact information to the Clerk of the Court, to the Media Relations Office of the Court.

Whatever records you need from the Trial Court of Minnesota are yours to be had easily, with the click of a mouse. 

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Colorado Court Records

If you are looking for court records in Colorado, you will find them through the Colorado State Judicial Branch of government.  The Colorado State Judicial Branch has an excellent, well designed site that is organized, professional, yet uncomplicated and easy to use.  The site is located at  As with any official records, it is best to do your research on the official site.  There are copycat sites but they do not provide any more information than you can get on the official site.  In addition many outside sites also do not have accurate or complete information and they often charge fees that can become costly.  Some sites often charge hidden fees as well.

When looking for court records it is important to know what you are looking for.  It is important to have as much information as possible including case numbers, court dates, names of individuals or businesses involved and any other pertinent facts.

Much of the information you need can be obtained online through the website.  You can find everything from court dockets to court records and more.  There is an excellent  section on the right side of the main page toward the top that takes you to the court records search area for the public and for officials or attorneys.  You can click on one of the tabs which will take you to the section you need. 

To contact the court through the main numbers you can call, mail or visit:

Contact Information for the Colorado Judicial Department:
Office of the State Court Administrator
1301 Pennsylvania St. Ste. 300
Denver, CO 80203
800-888-0001 Colorado Supreme Court
2 E. 14th Ave., Fourth Floor
Denver, CO 80203
303-837-3790 Colorado Court of Appeals
2 E. 14th Ave., Third Floor
Denver, CO 80203

There are also extensive lists of court contact information in all counties and places to click and get any available forms or information online. 

If you are looking for Colorado Court Records,  you should be able to find everything you need right on the official website.

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Franklin County Court Records

Franklin County Court Records are extensive.  In fact, there are several sites available where you can find the information you need.  These sites are all part of the Franklin County Clerk’s Office and the Franklin County Court system.

The sites have been separated into various sections.  To find computer generated records maintained by the Franklin County Court Clerk, you should go to   For a general index search information regarding court dates, attorneys, detainees, creditor/debtor issues, conservators of estates and wills, adoptions and more can be located at the internet address*display.

     To get criminal information you can log onto the FCMC Criminal Department web page.  This particular page allows accessto Court Records  Though all records housed in the Criminal/Traffic Division are public records, the procedures  involved with accessing the records follow specific guidelines which are explained on the webpage which is located at,

Municipal Court records can be located on the Franlkin County Court Clerk website.  The site can be found at  This will not simply read you to municipal records, but will also give you information about other records, as well as the Court Clerk information.

All web pages provide contact information by mail, phone and email in a clear and easy to understand process.  With web information this complete, you should be able to get any information you need easily, quickly and accurately.

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Pima County Superior Court Records

Pima County in Arizona has an excellent and easy to use website to find the information you are looking for.  The information on the site is clear and understandable, and the website is organized in a logical manner.

The website for the Pima County Superior Courts is found at  This takes you to the Arizona Superior Court website for the state and gets you directly to Pima County.

There are various areas that the site has provided that makes it easy to look for various types of records.  You ca click on  Court Records, Protective Orders, General Information, Court Calendar and Judges.  In addition, if you click on Clerk of the Court, you will be taken to a page that provides you with access to case files, case documents, case filings, images of case documents, rulings, as well as marriage records.

When you click on the page for the Clerk of the Court, it provides you with locations, phone numbers and a wide variety of information including how to look for everything from employment to how to deal with sensitive and private information, including privacy rules and laws and forms that can help you get the information you need without invading privacy.

The Pima County Superior Court Records include records for Tucson, which located in Pima County.  Whatever you are trying to find regarding the Pima County Superior Court you should find quite easily on the Pima website.

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Free Public Court Records – How to Search for Public Court Records

Within the U.S., each state has its own system for searching for established public court documents. Each state is responsible for providing these documents and ensuring access to the appropriate individuals upon request. The process for requesting these documents is a simple method, and the individual requesting the documents may do so on-line or in-person at the appropriate office. Please keep in mind there are fees for searching for these documents, and for receiving certified copies.

Although going in person to request your records can be time consuming and require additional expenses on your part, utilizing the helpful staff you are able to search for your records even if you only have minimal initial background information.

If you prefer accessing your information on-line, you will find a number of websites available, which as a service provides free searches on all available free public court records. However, please keep in mind the databases for these records are public databases and will only have information that is not confidential. When you visit these websites, they will provide you with information on how to access your records using their website.

Here are several websites:

If you have it available, having the court case number will be helpful in your search for your records. It will be helpful if you have:

• Court case number
• Time of occurrence
• What state the case occurred

The above information will assist you in requesting your records. If you do not have the pertinent information, you will still be able to perform your search. However, you  may have to grant the researcher additional time to search for you records, which may in turn increase the fees you will need to pay for the service.

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Court Records: How to obtain criminal court records

Criminal court records are not always public. In some case, you have to be a member of a federal department or a relative of the individual in order to see the records. Despite these difficulties, you can go in person to the court recorder or request the records on-line.

Examples of records you can request:
• Arrest reports
• Domestic Violence Orders
• Criminal history information
• Probation reports

Once you know the records you would like to request, you will need to have specific information in order to locate the record you want. This information is the case number of the record you wish to obtain. If you have the case number, you can go to the county Clerk’s Office or courthouse and request the record directly. If you do not have the case number, you can still have a search done by the Clerk’s Office or the county courthouse.

When you have the case number, you can request the records. However, keep in mind that the copies are certified and you will be charged for each copy that you request. In addition to the case number, you will need to provide:
• The name of the offender
• The year(s) the offense occurred
• Identification
• Letter requesting the search
• Certified signature

You are also able to order your records on-line. There are websites available, which offer court record searches as a professional service. Be aware that these services are not free, and you will be paying for the service plus the original certified copy fee. Search the website carefully if you are using a third party website. If you are using an official website, pay attention to any specific instructions in order to receive your records quickly.

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Court Records – Dupage County, Illinois Arrest Records

In Dupage County Illinois, all criminal arrest records are public and can be obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. However, some of these documents may be sealed by the court and will require a judge to re-open them. Searching for these documents is an easy process but requires going in person to the court or appropriate recorder’s office. You can also request the documents on-line, paying a small fee for a service which will forward you the records you desire.

There are several websites available that offers their services on searching for criminal records. There are also free records available if you look for them, but often these are not very in-depth due to the information coming from a free service, or the records may have been sealed. has a large directory available for tracking down the different websites available which focus on a specific criminal records directory.

Try to have as much information as possible before you begin your search for the records. The address, date and time, and possibly the person’s name would be very helpful. If you have available the court case number, this will make both your search and the search by the researcher far easier.

If you do use Clerk of the Circuit Court website, remember there is currently no method of searching on-line. You will need to use the forms and other information to request the documents.

You can find the forms you will need to order arrest records below:

Be sure to fill out the forms completely and mail them to the appropriate location. If you make any mistakes, the request might not work and there are no refunds for searches.

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Free Public Court Records – How to Search for Public Court Records

Each state within the U.S. has a method of searching for public court documents. It is a very easy process where the researcher may either go to the public courthouse and search for the documents his/herself or contact either an appropriate recorder’s office or view on-line and pay for a limited service which will send you the records you want.

However, this can be a time consuming and expensive occupation if you need the records right away and do not have a fair amount of funds available to do research. Results are great but free which produces the same results are even better!

There are a number of websites available, which provide free searches on all available (the resources these websites can provide is limited) free public court records. Within the websites are resources and links which can assist you in your search for either little or even no cost to you. Each resource/link will show you how to find the required information by state.

Some records will be unavailable or only partially available due to confidentiality. However, even with confidential cases, you will find some information while searching for free public court records. Remember to have as much information on the case you are searching for as possible.

If you can, have available the court case number, when the case occurred and in what state. In order to do your search for free public court records, you will need especially to know the state where the case occurred to begin your search.

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Divorce Court Records: How to Order Public Records

Obtaining a divorce court record is simple process if you have the necessary information to locate the records.

The search of divorce court records is usually free. However, if you are requesting official transcripts there are fees involved depending upon your location. There are also additional copy fees usually between $1 and $3 per page. These fees are payable by money order and are non-refundable.

If you are requesting information from another country, this information will need to be verified.

You must include the following when ordering a transcript:
• The case name (or caption)
• The case number
• Name of the Judge (If available)
• In what state/county/city the case was heard
• The date of the case
• Your name, address and telephone number
• Brief description of the proceeding (or section of the proceeding) you are ordering (for example, the testimony of a specific witness, the court’s order, etc.)

Always keep handy a copy of your ID with a photograph. It is also necessary for you to have a signature on your ID. If you don’t, you should have a copy of your signature notarized to show. Keep in mind court reporter’s and monitor’s tapes are destroyed after seven years.

All certificates are available:
By mail – by sending the fee and necessary information to:
In Person – By going to the Official Court Reporter’s office.
Questions – Contact the local court records office.

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Court Records Vermont

Process for ordering court records works in Vermont

All checks or money orders should be paid to Vermont Department of Health. They also accept personal checks. You may also call or visit the website to confirm current fees. The records are available only for the recent five years.

The older records can be obtained from the public records division in middle sex. The current fees can be confirmed from the official website. The division of Public Records maintains all birth, death, marriage and divorce records for the state of Vermont. The older records can be availed from the Vermont Department of Health.

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Court Records Virginia

Process for ordering court record works in Virginia

All the checks and money orders should be paid to the state health department. Personal checks are accepted. You need to call or visit the official website to confirm the current fees.

Birth records in Virginia are restricted for hundred years to immediate family members. You need to include the name on the birth record, date of birth, place of birth, father’s full name, mother’s full name including her maiden name, your relationship with the individual named on the certificate, the reason for request, your daytime telephone number with area code, your mailing address and your signature.

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Court Records Arkansas

Process for ordering court records works in Arkansas

All checks or money orders should be paid to Arkansas Department of Health. They accept personal checks. You need to call or visit the official website to confirm the current fees. Here, you may also apply for a birth, death or marriage certificate.

Birth records are available from 1 February 1914 onwards at twelve dollars. You need to be the registrant or an immediate family member to order for this record. You should also provide the date of birth, full name of father, maiden name of mother, your relationship with the individual, your name, address, telephone number and signature with the reason for request with the application.

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Rhode Island Court Record Search Process

Process for ordering court records works in Rhode Island

All the checks or money orders should be mad payable to general treasures, state of Rhode Island. You should also call or visit the official website to verify the current fees. Any additional copy that you demand would require ten dollars each.

For birth and death records in Rhode Island from 1901 and 951 respectively, you should pay about fifteen dollars each. The state office usually keeps the birth records for 100 years and death records for fifty years. Any earlier record can be availed via writing an application to the city or town clerk where the event has actually occurred. You may also write to:

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Court Records South Dakota

Process for ordering court records works in South Dakota

The money order is required to be paid to South Dakota Department of Health. All personal checks are accepted. You can call or visit the official website to confirm current fees.

For birth records, you need to pay ten dollars each and include the following information with your request:

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Court Record Search in Tennessee

Process for ordering court records woks in Tennessee

The check or money order should be paid to Tennessee vital records. They accept personal checks. You may call or visit the website to confirm current fees. Any additional copy that you want to order will cost you two dollar each.

For birth and death records from 1908, you should pay ten and five dollars respectively. The records are available from 1914 births. The photocopy of the original court record is available for a fee of ten dollars and the first copy and two dollars for additional record. You need to submit the following information with your request:

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