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Finding Riverside County court records is easy.  Simply go to www.riverside.courts.ca.gov.  and you will find a tremendous amount of information.  The site is well organized and has sections that help you find court rules, court locations, phone numbers and hours.

There is extensive information about fees, forms, public notices and more.  The website allows you to find many things online so that you do not have to make a trip to the courthouse to get information or wait for the mail to bring your information to you.  

When you are looking for information it is helpful to be as specific as possible and be sure that you have as much information to input as possible.  If you have exact dates and correct spelling of names, it will help you to locate information faster. 

If you need to find court records in Riverside County, California, simply go to their official website and start clicking.  There are other websites that claim to have the information you need and try to look official.  Many of these sites actually have a lot of information, however, they usually charge a fee in addition to the actual court costs.  These sites often have hidden fees, as well, so it is important to research the site you use quite carefully and try to use the official website to try to find the information you need before you move on to any of the unofficial sites.

If you are looking for Riverside County court records you should be able to find the information you need quite easily on their official court website at www.riverside.courts.ca.gov.

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