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Franklin County Court Records are extensive.  In fact, there are several sites available where you can find the information you need.  These sites are all part of the Franklin County Clerk’s Office and the Franklin County Court system.

The sites have been separated into various sections.  To find computer generated records maintained by the Franklin County Court Clerk, you should go to   For a general index search information regarding court dates, attorneys, detainees, creditor/debtor issues, conservators of estates and wills, adoptions and more can be located at the internet address*display.

     To get criminal information you can log onto the FCMC Criminal Department web page.  This particular page allows accessto Court Records  Though all records housed in the Criminal/Traffic Division are public records, the procedures  involved with accessing the records follow specific guidelines which are explained on the webpage which is located at,

Municipal Court records can be located on the Franlkin County Court Clerk website.  The site can be found at  This will not simply read you to municipal records, but will also give you information about other records, as well as the Court Clerk information.

All web pages provide contact information by mail, phone and email in a clear and easy to understand process.  With web information this complete, you should be able to get any information you need easily, quickly and accurately.

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