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If you are trying to find court records for Summit County Ohio, they have a great deal of information. There is information on the left and middle of the web page.

To the left of the page you will find a list of areas to click for various information including online information about the legal division, title division, frequent questions, a location list and contact information.

The are quite a number of areas that individuals can use online. Once you get into the site click on the information you need and you will be taken to that particular page and guided through the steps to get your information.

If you need to contact the Summit County Courts, the contact information is located to the left of the page in the blue section..When you click on that heading you get taken to a page that lists all the contact information you need to get in touch with the location you need to.

One excellent feature of this court site is a section that addresses foreclosure help. It is located at the top of the page in the green section. With the economy as it is, this section should serve as a resource for people who are in jeopardy of losing their home or who just want the information.

The official website:for the Summit County Courts is It is best to use the official website for accurate, up to date information.

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