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Process for ordering court records works in New Hampshire

To order court records works in New Hampshire, you need to pay the check or money order to Treasurer, State of New Hampshire. All personal checks are accepted. In case, you can visit the office, you may be able to get to the genealogical research vault present. These are available to general public and also contain the actual vital records dated 1640.

You can also request for all the records including surname and search through them for potential clues. For this, you can also visit the research center. It is open to the general public from 8:30 to 11:45 in the morning and from 12:15-4:00 in the evening, Monday through Friday. The volunteers will assist you in research. You may also call or visit the website to verify current fees via mail requests.

Birth records in New Hampshire from 1640 onwards can be easily bought at twelve dollars. Any such records less than hundred years old would not e considered public. Access to such records is restricted to individuals having a direct and tangible interest in this record. The state office contains records since 1640. If you go for any birth records before 1883, these would provide only little genealogical value.

Additional copies of the same record can be bought at eight dollars each. You should also include the following information with the application:

a) Place of birth

b) Date of birth

c) Full name at birth

d) Father’s name

e) Mother’s maiden name

f) Your relationship with individual

g) Reason for request

For more details on ordering court records works in New Hampshire, you can visit the official website at the address mentioned below:

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