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Process for ordering court records work in Montana

If you are ordering for court records work in Montana, the checks or money order should be payable to Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. All personal checks are accepted. To confirm the current fees, you need to visit or call the website.

To obtain birth records
The cost of birth records from 1907, you need to pay around ten dollars. Any birth record that is less than thirty years, would not be considered public. Hence, these records can only be provided to the individual named on the certificate or any immediate family member. Once thirty years have passed from the date of birth, one can get an informational copy of the birth record. The certified copies are available to family member. There is also a need for picture identification and signature.

To obtain death records
If you want to get death records from the year 1907, you need to pay ten dollars. Any death record less than thirty years in Montana is not considered public and may only be released to a person named on the certificate or an immediate family member. After thirty years, one can easily apply for informational copies. However, certified copies are still available to the family members.

For more details on ordering court records works in Montana, you can visit the official website at the address mentioned below:

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