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Johnson County, Kansas has an excellent website for locating court records.  Their motto is “Going Beyond the Expected” and just the home page for the court does that much.

The homepage for the Johnson County Courts is located at and is neatly arranged in columns.  Column 1, to the left of the page has Public Records Search to click on, plus, below it, a list of everything that has to do with the District Courts including records, forms, traffic, small claims, criminal records and more. 

The middle column provides information on all courts, judges, court rules, plus locations and directions to the courthouse as well as hours of operation.  The last column a complete phone directory, and pages for the Disrict Attorney’s office, a page for Johnson County and an email form that you can send directly to the courts with any questions or requests.

The site should provide information for most criminal issues you are looking for.  In the event that you cnnot find the right information, contact the court by using any of the forms, email or phone numbers.  They will direct you as to where you can find what you are searching for.   You can also check if you are looking for motor vehicle court issues.  Try to use these avenues to search for what you need rather than using an outside site.  Many of the outside sites don’t actually povide what you need and charge extra fees.  If you decide that it is best for you to use an outside site, be sure to make sure it is legitimate and will not charge hidden fees.

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