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Iowa Courts have a good system of online services. The official website for the Iowa Courts onine is but you can type in Iowa Courts Online Search into any search engine and get to the site as well.

The site opens with a simple page that has a place to click on that gives phone numbers for information and takes you to a page of places to search. You can select Appellate Court, Trial Court and others. You can also do a basic search and an advanced search.

There is a section that explains all fees and procedures. The site suggests that you have as much information as possible including name or names of parties involved, which court the case was heard in and other information that you may have. This will make your search go more quickly.

Many states are trying to make their court information more available to the people who need it by providing as much as possible online. Iowa has done an excellent job of this. If you run into any problems, be sure to call the court system.

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