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Indiana Courts have a good system of online services. The official website for the Indiana Courts onine is You can also type in Indiana Court Records into any search engine and get to the site as well.

This site is a special site that offers public access to court records and is administered by the Indiana Division of State Court Administration. It was set up so that the public would have easy access to the information they need and be able to obtain as much information online.

There is a section called Public Access to Court Records Handbook that you can click on and that explains all fees and procedures. On the left side of the main page is a list of topics to click on including everything from State Court Administration to forms and publications to two contact information topics that will provide all contact information for all courts and departments.

Many states are trying to make their court information more available to the people who need it by providing as much as possible online. There are some records that may be restricted for various reasons, however, you can contact the court and try to resolve the situation. Indiana has done an excellent job of this. If you run into any problems, be sure to call the court system.

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