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Process for order court records works in Hawaii

In order to obtain court records works in Hawaii, you need to submit cashier’s check, certified check or money to state department of health. They do not accept personal checks. You may call or visit the website in order to confirm current fees or restrictions on these court records.

If you want to obtain birth records in Hawaii from 1853 onwards, you need to pay about ten dollars. You should know that the state law restricts access to birth records of about seventy five years or less to the person named on the certificate, his or her parents, descendents, spouse, legal guardians or individual sharing same ancestor. The birth records that are almost seventy five years old are open to general public.

However, to obtain this you need to provide the following information:

a) The full name of the person as listed on the certificate

b) The month of the birth

c) The date of the birth

d) The year of the birth

e) The city/town of  the birth

f) Full name of father

g) Full maiden name of mother

h) The exact reason for request

i) The relationship with the person named on the certificate

j) Your name and telephone numbers

For death records in Hawaii, from 1853 onwards, you need to pay about ten dollars. According to the Hawaii state law, the access to death records of seventy five years or less is limited to the person named on the certificate, descendants, the parents, spouse, legal guardians and individual who share a common ancestor. Usually, death records that are more than seventy five years old, are available to anyone who requests for them. However, one requires to give following information in conjunction with the request.

a) The full name listed on the certificate

b) The file number of certificate if possible

c) The month of death

d) The year of death

e) The day of death

f) The place of death

g) The reason for request

h) Your relationship to the person named on certificate

i) Your name, address and telephone number

For further information on legal records, you can visit the state’s official website at the following address: www.hawaii.gov

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