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Process for ordering court records works in Kentucky

You should pay your check or money order to Kentucky state treasurer. Personal checks are also accepted. To confirm current fees, you need to call or visit the website. The certificates need to be ordered in person.

You may also send a written request for the same. The document is also available for an extra fee of five dollars via telephone or fax. These fees can be paid via major credit card. For birth records from January 1 in 1911, you need to pay ten dollars and for death record a fees of $6.00 has to be paid.

You also require to include the information mentioned above:

a) The full name of the person for whom the certificate is requested
b) The month, day and year of birth or death
c) The maiden name of mother
d) The full name of father
e) The place of birth/death
f) Your telephone number
g) Your name
h) Your address

The index to deaths that have been registered in Kentucky from January 1, 1911 to December 31, 1992. If you want to get marriage or divorce court orders from June 1958, you need to pay six dollars and include the following information:
a) The full names of the bride (including the maiden name) and groom
b) The date of marriage/divorce
c) The city and county of marriage/divorce
d) Your relationship to the individual
e) Your name
f) Your address
g) Your telephone number

For further information on legal records, you can visit the state’s official website at the following address: 

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