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Looking for Cuyahoga County Court Records in the state of Ohio is a straightforward in a lot of ways. First, go onto the main website for the Clerk of Courts. The website is and will take you to a well organized site that has a great deal of information – and that’s just the first page.

When you get to the page, you will find a list in a brownish-copper that has a number of subjects that can be cicked on. Each box has adiferent topic including inforation about the Clerk, Forms, Filing Fees,, Public records and much mord.

In the middle of the page there is Clerk of theCourts plus Divil Case Docket and Criminal Cas Docket which you can cik on for information. There are addresses, hours of operation available and other information.

The County Clerk of Courts is the official record keeper of the County of Common Pleas and the District Court of Appeals. This area is where the Civil Case Dockets can be found.

Te Clerk of Courts other major responsibility is to issue Certificates of Title for cars boats and trailers. You
You can click on the Title Division to find these items. You will be taken to the page to find all the information and explanation regarding titles.

Last but not least, there is a page of Contact Information that will give you all phone numbers and contact information to the Clerk of the Courts Office and for all the Courts. In addition, there are links to other websiter relaed o the courts that might be provided in another sectionl

Getting the information from Cuyaha County Court Recods is organized and easy to do.

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