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Each state within the U.S. has a method of searching for public court documents. It is a very easy process where the researcher may either go to the public courthouse and search for the documents his/herself or contact either an appropriate recorder’s office or view on-line and pay for a limited service which will send you the records you want.

However, this can be a time consuming and expensive occupation if you need the records right away and do not have a fair amount of funds available to do research. Results are great but free which produces the same results are even better!

There are a number of websites available, which provide free searches on all available (the resources these websites can provide is limited) free public court records. Within the websites are resources and links which can assist you in your search for either little or even no cost to you. Each resource/link will show you how to find the required information by state.

Some records will be unavailable or only partially available due to confidentiality. However, even with confidential cases, you will find some information while searching for free public court records. Remember to have as much information on the case you are searching for as possible.

If you can, have available the court case number, when the case occurred and in what state. In order to do your search for free public court records, you will need especially to know the state where the case occurred to begin your search.

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