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In Dupage County Illinois, all criminal arrest records are public and can be obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. However, some of these documents may be sealed by the court and will require a judge to re-open them. Searching for these documents is an easy process but requires going in person to the court or appropriate recorder’s office. You can also request the documents on-line, paying a small fee for a service which will forward you the records you desire.

There are several websites available that offers their services on searching for criminal records. There are also free records available if you look for them, but often these are not very in-depth due to the information coming from a free service, or the records may have been sealed. has a large directory available for tracking down the different websites available which focus on a specific criminal records directory.

Try to have as much information as possible before you begin your search for the records. The address, date and time, and possibly the person’s name would be very helpful. If you have available the court case number, this will make both your search and the search by the researcher far easier.

If you do use Clerk of the Circuit Court website, remember there is currently no method of searching on-line. You will need to use the forms and other information to request the documents.

You can find the forms you will need to order arrest records below:

Be sure to fill out the forms completely and mail them to the appropriate location. If you make any mistakes, the request might not work and there are no refunds for searches.

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