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Greene County Circuit of has an extensive website with a tremendous amount of information. They offer a lot of topics for people to thoroughly research online, along with numerous online services. The important thing to remember with Greene County is that there are many of them. We have listed below the web address for Green County, Ohio, however you will need to check for Greene County Missouri or whichever other state you are looking for in the event that you are looking for a state other than Ohio.

When you go to their website at you will find their main page full of information. To the left of the page is a list of Quick Links that include a variety of topics that mostly have to do with elected officials and various county agencies. All you need to do is click on any of those sections and you will be taken to that section and given the information you need.

In the center of the main page is is a substantial list of areas to click on. Some have to do with the courts and others have to do with other areas such as Animal Control, Sheriff, Building Permits, etc. Click on the section for the Clerk of Courts or Probate Court or whichever court you are looking for and you will be taken to the section and given further information. There is also a lot of activity and information that you can take care of online.

When you are looking for any court records it is good to work with the court’s official website because they have the most accurate and up to date information, they are available to call directly if you have questions, and their fees are directly court fees only. When you work with an outside website¬†that claims to be a free or low-cost Court Records Search Site, several things happen. For one, the add their fees on top of the court’s fees, and even in they claim to have free information, there is usually very little of it, it is incorrect or it is free for a small bit of information and then you have to start paying for the critical information you need. It is a fact that well over 50% of the “free” search sites are not free and do not yield the information you need, so use them as a last resort and check them out thoroughly.

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