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Within the U.S., each state has its own system for searching for established public court documents. Each state is responsible for providing these documents and ensuring access to the appropriate individuals upon request. The process for requesting these documents is a simple method, and the individual requesting the documents may do so on-line or in-person at the appropriate office. Please keep in mind there are fees for searching for these documents, and for receiving certified copies.

Although going in person to request your records can be time consuming and require additional expenses on your part, utilizing the helpful staff you are able to search for your records even if you only have minimal initial background information.

If you prefer accessing your information on-line, you will find a number of websites available, which as a service provides free searches on all available free public court records. However, please keep in mind the databases for these records are public databases and will only have information that is not confidential. When you visit these websites, they will provide you with information on how to access your records using their website.

Here are several websites:

If you have it available, having the court case number will be helpful in your search for your records. It will be helpful if you have:

• Court case number
• Time of occurrence
• What state the case occurred

The above information will assist you in requesting your records. If you do not have the pertinent information, you will still be able to perform your search. However, you  may have to grant the researcher additional time to search for you records, which may in turn increase the fees you will need to pay for the service.

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