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Process for ordering court records woks in Tennessee

The check or money order should be paid to Tennessee vital records. They accept personal checks. You may call or visit the website to confirm current fees. Any additional copy that you want to order will cost you two dollar each.

For birth and death records from 1908, you should pay ten and five dollars respectively. The records are available from 1914 births. The photocopy of the original court record is available for a fee of ten dollars and the first copy and two dollars for additional record. You need to submit the following information with your request:

a) The name of the individual on the certificate
b) The date of birth or death
c) The place of birth or death
d) Reason for request
e) Father’s full name
f) Mothers full name
g) Mother’s maiden name
h) Your name
i) Your telephone number with area code
j) Your signature
k) Your mailing address
l) Reason for request
m) Your relationship with the individual mentioned on the record

Marriage and divorce certificates are available only to the couples mentioned on the certificate or their adult children via producing the exact date and place of marriage or divorce and the name of the couples.

For more details on ordering court records works in Tennessee, you can visit the official website at the address mentioned below:

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