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If you are looking for court records for Clermont County Court in Ohio, you need look no further than their website on the internet at The site begins with a main page that lists its Mission Statement and goals, which is a nice opening.

At the top of the main court page you will find a list of court links in a heather green section of boxes across the top of the page. These include a link to the homepage as well as various courts and other information. At the right hand side of the page there are ists of sections incuding some of the ones listed at the top of the page plus additional sections. There are also sections to click on to find court schedules and a section for searching court records and the court costs, as well as locations and hours.

In the middle of each page there is an explanation of what that particular court does, their basic procedures and their various divisions.

The Clermont County Courts site is laid out very simply and elegantly and it has a good amount of information and records available.

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